Psyche Plays is my little corner of the web, where I share my gaming adventures, thoughts and opinions, and talk about geek lifestyle. For a long time, I struggled to figure out what a gaming blog should look like. Then I realised: gaming is a lifestyle, just like any other. And so, I relaunched this blog to share what that lifestyle means to me.

Here you’ll find personal lifestyle posts focused on gaming, tech, and other geeky interests. I’ll also share reviews and opinion pieces, and talk about my time in the games industry. Of course, streaming on Twitch will feature quite heavily as well, both in sharing my experiences, and also giving tips where I can.

About Psyche

I’m a 31-year-old games industry veteran, now a full-time Twitch partner. I have worked for game publishers and most recently for Riot Games as a project manager, but I left in 2016. After that, I went “full-time” as a streamer, with the goal of simultaneously working on my writing projects. At the moment, I stream a wide variety of games on my Twitch channel Monday through Friday at noon UK time. I generally focus on Elite: Dangerous, Elder Scrolls, and space or sandboxy RPGs.

I’ve been playing games since I was five, when my dad bought me a NES and I got hooked on Duck Hunt. My favourite games of all time are Quake III, which I played competitively in local and national tournaments, Neverwinter Nights, and The Elder Scrolls series.

I live with my fiancé, T, and our cat Crash (named after CrashOverride from Hackers) in the countryside in Northern Ireland.