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  • Personal | What’s Going On In My Life?

    One thing I promised myself when I came back to blogging was that I would start using this blog in whatever way made me happy. I used to use LiveJournal all the time. Since I stopped, there’s been a bit of a hole where it used to be. For some reason, I always thought that a public blog couldn’t be personal. I always felt like it had to be relevant,…

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  • Being Queer on Twitch

    “What does your sexuality have to do with your content?” I have been asked that question, one way or another, so many times. Sometimes, the person doesn’t really mean any harm and is just curious. In fact, I once had a fellow bisexual person ask me why me being bi on Twitch was so important to me. Other times, the fact that I’m loud about my sexuality makes people really…

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