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  • Thoughts on the Elite Dangerous Console Announcement

    In case you missed it, Frontier announced that they’re ending all console development for Elite: Dangerous. That means no Odyssey release for consoles, and only critical updates going forward. You can read the full announcement from David Braben on the forums here. Before I get started, I’d like to say that I’m glad David Braben tackled this announcement, rather than leaving it to the community team who had absolutely nothing…

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  • Thoughts on the Elite Dangerous New Era Announcement

    On Friday, Frontier announced the upcoming Elite Dangerous expansion “New Era”. If you read the announcement, you’ll know that there are no major releases this year. In fact, the next paid expansion (eagerly awaited for lifetime expansion pass holders who invested upfront) will be the “latter half of 2020”. The community has been a bit divided by this. As usual, the forums are more negative than everywhere else. Some people…

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