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  • Being Queer on Twitch

    “What does your sexuality have to do with your content?” I have been asked that question, one way or another, so many times. Sometimes, the person doesn’t really mean any harm and is just curious. In fact, I once had a fellow bisexual person ask me why me being bi on Twitch was so important to me. Other times, the fact that I’m loud about my sexuality makes people really…

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  • Thoughts on the Elite Dangerous New Era Announcement

    On Friday, Frontier announced the upcoming Elite Dangerous expansion “New Era”. If you read the announcement, you’ll know that there are no major releases this year. In fact, the next paid expansion (eagerly awaited for lifetime expansion pass holders who invested upfront) will be the “latter half of 2020”. The community has been a bit divided by this. As usual, the forums are more negative than everywhere else. Some people…

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  • Finding My Happy on Twitch

    I’ve had an interesting journey on Twitch. I started streaming in 2013 when I was working full-time as a Project Manager at Riot Games. Due to my work schedule, I streamed quite sporadically. Eventually I got onto a two to three nights a week schedule, but it was still a bit all-over-the-place. It wasn’t until I was able to start full-time in 2016 that things really took off. And now,…

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  • Hello World

    It wouldn’t be a first blog post without a “Hello World” post, right? And what better way to do that than with a super zoomed in photo of my face?! 😂 It’s been a while, and I lost everything in my transition from my old host to my new. But I’m finally ready to get started making Psyche Plays a thing again. What do I plan to do with Psyche…

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